My cohort is preparing for week 1 in Phase 1 as of next week, and it's all review this week. As part of that, I thought I would try branching out into using JavaScript in the browser. Here's a grocery list function that works, rather annoyingly, through pop-ups, alerting and prompting the user to the state of their grocery list.

The more I work with JavaScript, the more irritating I find it. For example, when I tried running this script in the command line just to see if there were any syntax errors that I hadn't caught by eye, it refused to move past what I swear was a made-up error at line 2, which had not thrown an error previously, nor threw an error when I gave up and ran the code in the browser console directly. I keep having these struggles with JavaScript over what looks like absolutely nothing. I hope we come to terms with one another soon.

That said, I was able to get a little more clarity in working with strings, objects, and loops in JavaScript, allowing for this second iteration to be a better laid out program.