Hi! I'm Esther.

I'm an Engineering Team Lead at The Bacon.

I write in Ruby and JavaScript.
Algorithms, thorny problems, and working across the stack make me happy.


This year I'm focusing on deepening my JavaScript knowledge, and diving into React, Node.js, and the wonderfully complexifying JavaScript ecosystem.


javascript front-end security

Simple UI permitting user to encrypt and decrypt strings using Crypto.js.

Rails Dribbble OAuth gem

rails ruby gems back-end

Rails engine gem providing a Ruby wrapper for authenticating users through Dribbble. Plug and play to use!


javascript front-end jekyll design static site generators

A boilerplate framework for starting a new static site using Jekyll, setup with Grunt asset management and cool things like search functionality.

Stack For Yourself

static site generators jekyll javascript firebase front-end

A compilation of materials to learn web development, presented via a lovely Jekyll site. Built to share my collection of links, tutorials, and suggested materials.


back-end tests

Various algorithms and puzzles solved with languages like Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, with tests.


javascript design front-end jasmine

A browser-based interactive Hangman game, built to practice vanilla JavaScript, writing Jasmine tests, and visual design.