Hi! I'm Esther ~

I'm a Software Engineer at Betterment.

I code in Ruby and JavaScript.
Building meaningful software, cleaning up legacy code, and working across the stack make me happy.

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Independent contributor

I'm a full-stack Rails-based engineer.
I prefer delivering complete bottom-to-top slices of work, from the database design to the views. I like to be a part of desiging the big picture as well as working through implementation details. I like having time to consider how each layer should function to make one unified whole.

I love ...
→ working closely with product, design, and engineering leadership
→ mentoring junior engineers and learning from my peers
→ team environments which revolve around humor, positivity, & interpersonal support

My favorite things center on leading projects from inception to completion, and digging into legacy code cleanup. Given license to dream, I begin to imagine what a cleaner codebase might look like, and become motivated to make that vision a reality.

Photo by on Unsplash

I'm really inspired by beautiful images.

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