Whew! Just finished it! This is a little command-line game in JavaScript that generates a castle and, over the next '5 days', has random potential denizens show up, who do or do not end up staying for good. If enough good additions stay in the castle, the user wins—else, the user gets rudely booted from their castle, never to return! Here's some sample output:

The most difficult issue I had to overcome with this game was the fact that JavaScript (for very good reasons) doesn't have the kind of sleep functionality that I've come to rely on with Ruby. I had to find a workaround on StackOverflow which I do not think I would be able to write myself at this point. Additionally, the other thing that gave me trouble was generating random numbers, especially those in a specific range. This was a frustrating exercise in trying to get the Math.random() to output something I actually was able to use, as opposed to a decimal.

Enough griping! Here's the code!