We've started Week 7 in Dev Bootcamp, and it's all JavaScript all day. I've never seen or touched any JavaScript before, so it's all been new to me, but I've been enjoying the fact that really, so very much of what I've already learned thanks to working with Ruby transfers fairly nicely, just as I was told. I'm trying to get myself to a place where I'm comfortable, so I set myself a bunch of small assignments to complete in addition to the coursework. Today's delightful dev duo—Ruby and JS—present FizzBuzz.

I've written FizzBuzz before when I found RubyQuiz and after hearing about it in various places:

And now, for the JavaScript version:

Much more chunky-clunky. So far it seems that, compared to what I'm used to with Ruby, JS is a dynamic but clunky language that's hacked together and needs workarounds for things like sorting numerical items. Writing it feels like I'm tying things together with string, and neither those things nor the string nor I like it. But that feeling of competence, of being able to make little programs already is amazing. Thanks to the essential concepts I've learned with Ruby, I am starting to believe that it really might all make more sense from here onwards.