This is Week 5 of DBC, and this week we did a Ruby group project with our accountability groups where each person had a role and corresponding problems to solve for their role. Role 4 was to write an array_deletion_method and a hash_deletion_method, both of those being bang methods. Here's how Christyn Budzyna and I solved it:

Then today, I happened to read the "Guide to Ruby Collections III: Enumerable and Enumerator" article that Emmanuel posted, which mentioned a very intesting method that I have only hazily seen before, and that primarily in the context of CLI: the grep method.

According to Enumerable#grep, grep iterates over the collection object it is called on and returns an array of values which belong to the same case (===) as the given pattern:
["a", 1, "b"].grep(String) => ["a", "b"].

So to illustrate, here's our my_array_deletion_method! with grep:

8 lines down to 2, not bad!